Build your legacy.

Dear Prospective Rushee,

As the oldest and largest business fraternity in the country, Alpha Kappa Psi is one of the most valuable organizations that bridge the gap between higher education and the workforce. However, being a proud student of Northeastern University, you may wonder how Alpha Kappa Psi could further develop the skills you obtain through co-op classes and eventually co-op itself.

The answer is simple. We are dedicated to building leaders.

Through our five core values of integrity, knowledge, brotherhood, service, and unity, we continuously strive to help one another grow not only through professional development, but through leadership as well. No matter what club, company, or community that our brothers are a part of, our goal is to push each individual to reach their highest potential and leave their legacies on this amazing campus. Alpha Kappa Psi does more than just get brothers ready for the work force, it gets them ready to change it.

Additionally, as a part of a much larger community, we are committed to giving back. Through our consulting group, Chi Sigma Consulting, our chapter has supported a number of 501(c)(3) non-profit organizations in the Greater Boston Area through providing strategy consulting services.

As a brotherhood, our network is one of the most extensive and inclusive amongst all organizations on campus. Because of our diversity in gender, culture, and majors, we have brothers that are leaders in various industries in numerous countries across the globe. Though our vast network, as well as our commitment to leadership, our brothers have accomplished so much.

We, at Chi Sigma, are proud to say that we have brothers that are have started their own student organizations on campus. We are proud to say we have brothers who have roles at prestigious companies as well as brothers who have started their companies. We are proud to say we have brothers who even perform stand-up comedy, and brothers who spend years abroad to immerse themselves in different cultures. Above all else, we are proud of our brotherhood, and we welcome you to join it.

Stephen Wang
President, Chi Sigma chapter

What is rush?

Rush is a series of events that allow those interested in joining the opportunity to learn more about the fraternity and interact with active brothers. Our events are reflective of the values pillared from Alpha Kappa Psi’s foundation and provide a snapshot of our brotherhood as a whole.

Why should I join Alpha Kappa Psi?

By joining Alpha Kappa Psi, you will gain valuable professional, leadership, and communication skills alongside lifetime friendships. Alpha Kappa Psi specializes to make sure you not only learn how to develop yourself, but your ability to lead others.

Who is eligible to rush?

We are open to ALL MAJORS of any year. We have been a co-ed fraternity since 1976.

What is Alpha Kappa Psi’s hazing policy?

Alpha Kappa Psi has a zero tolerance hazing policy. Hazing is defined as “Any action taken or situation created, intentionally or unintentionally, whether on or off the fraternity premises, to produce physical or mental discomfort, embarrassment, harassment, or ridicule or possibly cause physical harm or injury”. Any hazing would be immediately reported and not tolerated.

What is the ideal candidate for Alpha Kappa Psi like?

We do not have a single ideal rush candidate profile. We recognize the diversity of talents and contributions of individuals do vary, and we welcome that! However, we are looking for highly motivated, passionate candidates with an interest in being leaders and making a positive impact. Most importantly, we look for individuals who have desire to learn from current brothers and contribute back to the brotherhood and society as a whole.

If I do not get a bid, can I rush again?

Yes. We encourage prior rush candidates to apply again if they did not receive a bid the first time. Determination and personal refinement are valued traits within our fraternity.


Build your legacy. Rush Alpha Kappa Psi.