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The Genesis Foundation for Children

Spring 2016

The mission of The Genesis Foundation for Children is to provide funding for the diagnosis and compassionate, coordinated care of children born with physical, intellectual, and genetic disorders, and to aid them in achieving their full potential.


Julie's Family Learning Program

Spring 2016

Julie's is a family support, wellness  and education program that is committed to the development of strong, stable, healthy family functioning. Julie’s provides services that enable poor, at-risk mothers and their children to transform their lives and become healthy, successful and economically self-sufficient members of their communities


Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly

Fall 2016

Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly is an international, non-profit, volunteer-based organization committed to relieving isolation and loneliness among the elderly. Little Brothers offers to people of good will the opportunity to join with the elderly in friendship and the celebration of life.



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Genesis Foundation

“The team worked quickly and thoroughly, while effectively addressing our need to communicate with and attract younger people to our non-profit. The team members were bright and engaged, with great enthusiasm and a desire to help us as much as possible. The final report included a number of helpful recommendations for our organization.”

     -  Matthew Hoffman,  President


Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly

"The Chi Sigma Consulting team is incredible. Marina approached our organization, Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly, in early 2016 to learn more about our work and needs. She came to us as an individual, not through Chi Sigma, just genuinely interested in our cause. A few months later she gave us a call and offered us the wonderful opportunity to work with Chi Sigma Consulting to help our small non-profit grow and tackle a challenge on our long to-do list.

After some careful thought and discussion we chose a project: Creating a blueprint for our strategic plan and documents to assist our new program model. The results were more than I could have asked for. Don't let their age fool you, this is a group of intelligent, capable, thoughtful, and thorough professionals. We will use each and every piece of their research and deliverables this year. They have helped us with the ground work to a new program-delivery model and standardization. We have the tools to become a more professional, intentional, and well connected organization. Thank you Chi Sigma Consulting, you've helped us start 2017 ahead of schedule and set up for success."

     -  Nikki Therrien,  Executive Director

Julie's Family Learning Program

Chi Sigma Consulting was very helpful; I can use the information to advance expansion. The team was accessible and delivered as promised”

     -  Robert D. Monahan,  Executive Director

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