8:30AM - 2PM
Saturday, October 5th, 2019
East Village Bldg 024 | Northeastern University

Presented to you by ALPHA KAPPA PSI, the premier co-ed professional fraternity

In the ever-changing digital landscape, technology has created a pathway for us to connect with one another faster than ever.

Build your Person Brand summit professional Alpha Kappa Psi

The Alpha Kappa Psi Build Your Brand: Professional Summit brings you the core foundation to stand out and establish yourself. In job markets today, employers are connecting to candidates more easily and quickly. With thousands of potential applicants on various platforms, branding oneself goes beyond the physical; how we brand ourselves within the digital landscape is more important than ever. How do we build our brand so that we may shape our future careers professionally to solidify and reflect our goals, image, and personal brand?

How do we stand out in this digital landscape?

Specialized, niche, real advice for your career. We aim to provide practical advice from networking and leadership skills to meditation techniques that you can apply to your everyday life.

With experienced professionals from different fields (i.e. entrepreneurs, health & fitness coaches, non-profit organization leaders), Alpha Kappa Psi’s Build Your Brand: Professional Summit is a special one-day workshop that aims to help you create your professional brand in this ever-changing digital landscape.


Through this one-day summit, you will gain valuable resources to:

  • Workshops:

    • The Ultimate Guide on Networking, Elevator Pitch, and LinkedIn

    • The Social Media Game: How to make SM work for Your Personal Brand

  • Professionalism Services:

    • Professional Headshot - for LinkedIn and your everyday needs

    • Personalized Resume Reviews - for you to pursue your dream career

  • A Digital Landscape Panel:

    • Understanding yourself better - What are your dreams and goals? How do you utilize your unique aspirations, talents, and characteristics to build your own brand?

    • Predicting future trends on ways to network and develop your personal brand in the digital landscape

    • Maintaining a healthy environment, both mentally and physically, as you embark on the job-searching journey and find yourself through experiences

    • Hearing inspiring testimonials and stories from business founders and organization leaders

  • Health & Fitness:

    • Meditation exercises led by Sarah Gaines, founder of Fit University, to create a perfect work-life balance

Meet the Speakers


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  • Check-in

    • Signups for headshots and resume reviews

  • Introduction and Keynote Address: Build Your Brand

    • Bianca Maxwell, Founder of Skinary

  • Digital Landscape Branding Panel 

    • Bianca Maxwell, Founder of Skinary

    • Sarah Gaines, Founder of Fit University

    • Elizabeth Hart, Executive Director of Tailored for Success

    • Noah Grigni, Illustrator & Comic Artist

  • Networking Lunch

    • Meet with workshop leaders, brothers, and other attendees

    • Professional headshots 

    • Personalized resume reviews and debriefs

    • Catered lunch

  • Meditation Session

    • Sarah Gaines, Founder of Fit University

  • Breakout Workshops

    • Room 1: The Ultimate Networking Guide

    • Room 2: The Social Media Game: How to Make SM Work for Your Personal Brand

  • Closing Keynote: Build Your Brand

    • Lamar Letts, Founder & CEO of Hylux